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Several application cases are listed as follows.

Three-dimensional simulation of flow and sediment transport in a middle reach of Changjiang Revier

After the construction of the Three Gorges Reservoir, the bank in the middle reach of Changjiang Revier is very unstable and the thalweg moves in a large space. The rearch is aimed to study the flow and sediment transport in the middle reach of Changjiang Revier and then to present valuable solutions on keeping stability of the reach.

Geographical information system (GIS) in Lancang River

A GIS is developed in the reach Lancang River after the Jinghong hydropower station. The system can support reasonable operation of hydropower station and to resolve the contradictions between water power generation and shipping.

Numerical study of salt intrusion in Pearl River Estuary

A 3D finite volume model is applied to the Pearl River estuary. This region is the most quickly developing in China, with Hong Kong and Macau at its entrance. The model is applied to the Pearl River estuary with the stratification, caused by the salinity and temperature, considered. The computational results of tidal elevation, direction, and magnitude of the current velocity are compared with the measured data. The result shows fairly good agreement between the simulated and survey-measured data.

Seepage and stability of a tailing dam

To investigate the seepage induced stability of a tailing dam, 2D and 3D numerical simulations are conducted. According to different water levels imposed on the tailing dam, the study analyzes the influences of drainage facilities on seepage lines (or faces) and then gives the evaluation of stability of the tailing dam.

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